Apple Music for Artists gives you live performance data and a customizable artist page

It’s important to keep an eye on where and how your listeners are accessing your music to stay current and tailor your brand to your audience. Apple Music for Artists gives you all the statistics you need and make customization a breeze.

Apple Music does a great job of simplifying all the data they receive with regards to how your music is being access. Showing you day-by-day streams, average daily listeners, song purchases and Shazams in a graph for each track, an overview for all tracks, or in each location detailed on a map.

Quickly see what playlists your music is featured in and how that reflects on your streaming performance.

Apple Music Playlists

Insight gives you updates on milestones, whether you’ve hit one million streams, or been added to an Apple Music playlist.

Apple Music Insight

Make sure you keep your brand recognisable across stores, streaming services and social profiles. By default platforms will use your album arts as your profile picture. Apple Music makes it easy to customize your image.

Apple Music Customization

Don’t forget, now Apple Music own Shazam, when you update your Apple Music profile, this will be reflected on Shazam.

Head to Apple Music for Artists online to claim your profile, or find the iOS app here.

Click here to claim your Spotify for Artists profile to get similar stats and customization.

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