Take Apple Music on the road with Android Auto

Apple and Google aren’t the best of friends, in fact they’re very solidly tech rivals, but might be foregoing any conflict to bring Apple Music streaming to Android Auto.

Apple Music are testing their music streaming service on Android Auto, Google’s car interface for on the road OS’. If you’re driving with Android Auto and use Apple Music for all your music streaming needs you can try it out in beta on version 2.6.0.

You just need to download the latest version of Android Auto and then download the beta version of Apple Music, which you can get the APK for from Android Auto. Once you’ve done this you can go into Android Auto and select the music that you want to listen to on Apple’s rival to Spotify.

Apple Music will show up as your top option once installed allowing you to stream radio and stream music on-demand. If you’re already using Spotify on Android Auto then there’s probably no point switching over but for subscribers to Apple Music your on-the-go music solution is here.

Apple have their own version of Android Auto called CarPlay, giving access to a variety of apps and media in cars including Spotify and Google’s own streaming service; Play Music. As it stands, Apple Music still isn’t available on their Google Home speakers nor Chromecast. Likewise Apple’s Homepod speaker doesn’t support any non-Apple music services. It seems that despite their disagreements, Apple and Google will let bygones be bygones when it comes to listening in the car.

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