Apple Music lands in Korea for unlimited music streaming

Apple have launched their 1 year old streaming service Apple Music in South Korea just 2 days after releasing it in Israel.

Apple’s music streaming service surpassed it’s one year anniversary last month and has seen great success, gaining over 15 million subscribers. That’s half of the 8 year old dominating service Spotify, which now has over 30 million paid subscribers and over 100 million users including free users.

Apple Music have just made their service available in South Korea, just two days after they launched their popular music streaming service in Israel. Apple were rumoured to be launching in Korea after an official from the country’s music copyright association confirmed the completion of contract negotiations between them and Apple. Now the rumours have come true as anyone in South Korea can sign up for a free 3-month trial of Apple Music right now.

After the 3-month trial South Korean users can access the service for a monthly price slightly under the cost of a subscription in the US and the UK. An Apple Music subscription is South Korea will cost the equivalent of roughly $7.99/£6.15 for an individual plan or $11.99/£9.20.

Interestingly Apple cancelled music downloads in South Korea shortly after launching Apple Music there. They introduced a new version of iTunes to the country that completely removed the ability to buy and download songs and albums. It’s not currently clear why Apple made this decision.

There have been reports in the past year that Apple might phase out downloads completely, universally. These reports have been repeatedly refuted by Apple and close Apple sources, though getting rid of downloads in South Korea suggests these rumours may be true.

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