Apple Music gaining on Spotify with 1 million+ new subscribers a month

Apple may not be at Spotify’s level yet but considerable growth shows Apple Music is here to stay in music streaming.

Apple have been fairly quiet about their music streaming service since Jimmy Iovine revealed they had reached 30 million subscribers at the end of September last year. Now talking on it for the first time 5 months later Apple reveal they’ve added 6 million subscribers since then, over 1 million a month.

Wall Street Journal reported the growth first revealing that they now have a total of over 36 million paying subscribers. Despite the impressive growth their main rivals Spotify have double the number of paying subscribers, and then yet even more users on streaming for free on their ad-supported tier.

Whilst Apple seem to be adding 1.2 million a month, according to the latest reports Spotify are adding roughly 2 million subscribers each month. At least that’s what the reports suggest after Spotify announced 70 million Premium users last month. It was only in August that Spotify announced 60 million, and before that they revealed 50 million paying users in March of last year. That’s over 20 million in less than a year, impressive stuff.

According to the Wall Street Journal’s report however, Apple look set to overtake Spotify for subscribers in the US alone sometime soon. WSJ say: “Apple’s subscriber-account base in the U.S. has been growing about 5% monthly versus Spotify’s 2% clip.”

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