How to customise your Deezer artist page and view performance analytics

You can take control of your Deezer artist page, customise it, push your music to fans, view performance insights and more. Here’s how.

Deezer4Artists is Deezer’s little known platform for taking control over your music and profile on the streaming service. Deezer say themselves: “Deezer4Artists helps to grow and maintain engagement between artists and fans, with the following tools”.

Artist pages

Customise your Artist Page, update your status, or upload a playlist.

Deezer Uploader

Push audio content to your fans, from track previews to exclusive mixes.

Deezer don’t currently have a simple sign up to Deezer4Artists so if you want to get access to your Artist Profile and customise it you will need to get in touch at to request access.

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