It seems like streaming exclusives might be returning with Oliver Heldens, Danny Howard and many more mixing just for Deezer.

Deezer have signed on some of the world’s favourite DJs to create exclusive mixes that will be available on the French streaming service only. They’ve roped in Oliver Heldens, Danny Howard, Above & Beyond, and Fred V amongst many more to provide mixes that Deezer will release.

These exclusive mixes seem to see the artists working under a different deal than the usual streaming arrangement. It seems like they may be paying them a larger percentage of the streaming revenue than usual.

In a statement Deezer said: “What makes these different is that we’ve made sure all artists involved receive their fair share of revenues. This continues our commitment to make streaming fair.” They have confirmed these mixes are 100% exclusive to Deezer.

Coldplay and Justin Bieber have both released exclusive videos on Apple Music recently. They say that an entire collection of videos from Bieber’s new album will launch exclusively on Apple Music.

Music streaming exclusives are a sketchy road to go down for platforms after much of the music industry rallied against it a few years ago. With singles and albums being bought up to launch solely on one platform, artists and labels saw it eat away at their listeners and ruin the availability of music which has become so accessible with music streaming.

The major services to be looking at ways to feature exclusive content that doesn’t infringe on the availability of an artist’s major releases. Exclusive mixes, sessions and music videos seem to pay off as a good way to bag content that doesn’t limit an artist’s official releases.