Good news for the planet as Deezer becomes the first major audio streaming platform to offer energy efficient podcasts

Image Credit: Deezer

New podcast API from Deezer and Ausha is a leaner, greener way to get podcasts to listeners faster.

Deezer has become the first podcast platform to launch a more sustainable and faster way to provide podcasts to listeners. 

The new method reduces Deezer’s total energy consumption from server requests by 86% and makes uploading immediate. It’s a win-win for podcast listeners, and for the planet.

How is this possible? Deezer is introducing a new API (application programming interface), letting podcasters upload new episodes to the platform immediately which prevents update crawling and eliminates unnecessary server requests.

Currently podcasts are updated on the platform by crawling a large number of podcast servers, so all podcasts are still included in server requests even when they have no new information. This leads to a delay between release and episodes appearing on Deezer.

Christian Jennewein, Director of Engineering at Deezer, said: “We want Deezer to be efficient and sustainable. We’re always on the lookout for solutions that make things better for our users and partners, while reducing costs, time and energy spend.

In this case, we managed to speed up podcast episode updates on Deezer by using a simple but innovative approach that requires less resources.” 

The first host to use the new API on Deezer is Ausha, a French podcast provider. The present way of processing Ausha’s shows uses over 48 tonnes of carbon yearly. Updating all of Ausha’s RSS streams in one year will cut carbon cost by 99%.

Franck Fitoussi, Chief Product Officer at Ausha said: “By helping our customers publish their podcasts in real time, we are also making the planet feel better. The push system produced in collaboration with Deezer will drastically reduce the amount of carbon used in our industry while eliminating all wait-to-publish processes. It’s the best of both worlds.

We don’t want to be the only ones using this system, we encourage the entire industry to do the same and help reduce the carbon footprint for our children.”

The API is immediately available to all of Deezer’s podcast providers, and the platform will be introducing it to all partners in the next few months. Here’s hoping the good people of Spotify and Apple podcasts are paying attention.

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