Discover music in a single tap with Deezer’s new iPhone widgets

Deezer are bringing Flow and Songcatcher to your homepages with new tappable widgets that get you streaming and discovering music in an instant.

Deezer have just introduced two new widgets for two of their most favourited features. The little one-tap boxes can be placed on the home screen’s on iOS 14 devices and give a shortcut to streaming music on Deezer.

Deezer have introduced their famous Flow music mix as a widget to iOS 14 so that Deezer users can start a personalised stream of music discovery without having to open the app. It collects a combination of users’ most loved music as well as entirely new recommendations based on their tastes.

The other widget for Sonfcatcher makes it simple to scan the music around you and find out what’s playing. The Shazam-like feature makes it easy to identify music that catches your ears and then add it straight into your libraries and playlists.

Deezer’s Vice President of Design and User Experience, Lucas Serralta says of their new iOS garnishes: “When we created our new widgets we wanted our users to have a faster and simpler way to get to two of their most favourite features.

” When it comes to Flow, the widget truly makes it a lean-back experience, giving you a personal world of music with a single convenient touch. And, as an added benefit, we’ve made sure you’ll never miss a song again by making it faster than ever to catch the tunes around you.”

He adds: “This is only the first step for our widgets, so watch this space for more to come.”

Here is Deezer’s 4-step guide to getting your widgets set up on your device:

  1. Touch and hold a widget or an empty area in “Today View” until the apps jiggle
  2. In the upper-right corner, you’ll see an a button with “+” symbol 
  3. Tap the “+” symbol and scroll down to choose Deezer
  4. Then tap ‘Add Widget’, then ‘Done’.

After set-up, just swipe left on your Home Screen or Lock Screen to find your Deezer widgets in Today’s View. 

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