After bringing high fidelity music to UK Premium subscribers, might Deezer phase out HiFi subscriptions in other countries too?

As of last week, there are now three major music streaming services that offer lossless music to $9.99 per month subscribers. Apple Music and Amazon Music brought hi-fi music to Premium and Unlimited subscribers earlier this year, while TIDAL’s recent structure change to their tiers introduced hi-fi music to $9.99 per month subscribers.

Deezer’s UK ‘offers’ page highlight the various tiers available to users, such as Deezer Free, Deezer Premium, Deezer Family and various discounts for annual subscribers and students. What is now missing is Deezer HiFi. Deezer HiFi is the music streaming company’s $14.99/£14.99 per month high fidelity option, offering subscribers access to over 70 million 16-bit, 44.1 kHz FLAC tracks.

Last month, in the UK and a number of other markets, Deezer quietly increased the price of their Deezer Premium subscriptions, in the UK by £2 to £11.99 per month. Deezer claims this means “more money goes to musicians and songwriters”. As a sweetener to users, Deezer brough high fidelity music to Premium. Essentially phasing out Deezer HiFi in these markets and saving existing HiFi subscribers a few quid.

With mounting pressure from competitors, might we see Deezer phase out Deezer HiFi subscriptions and offer high fidelity music to Deezer Premium users in other markets too? We hope so!

Now all we’re waiting for is Spotify to announce more details on their HiFi tier? Will they keep to their “beginning later this year” statement? Will they follow Apple Music, Amazon Music and TIDAL’s lead in offering lossless music at no extra cost? Will other major players like YouTube Music and Pandora introduce high fidelity options?

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