Deezer want to launch exclusive releases, but not like Apple Music and Tidal

Whilst Apple Music and Tidal focus on getting exclusive music releases Deezer are looking at creating their own exclusive content to appeal to new types of fans.

Whilst Apple Music lock down Drake and Frank Ocean and Tidal are nabbing exclusives from Beyoncé and Kanye West, Deezer are looking beyond music for their exclusive content. The French music streaming service have revealed that they want to start producing their own set of talk show series.

Deezer added podcasts to their music streaming service last year but these new “TV-like serialized experiences” will go further than just a podcast series. “We’re not looking at this as a traditional podcast plan – we’re developing a range of creative audio ideas that can range from ongoing, serial documentary formats to short-form daily hits and anything in between,” says Deezer’s head of content and editorial in the UK, Roman Tagoe.

Tagoe adds that “Deezer wants to create the sort of content that old school radio can’t make or is too afraid to”. According to Tagoe the shows will range from short 5-10 minute content to full half an hour episodes, allowing for different levels of creativity between the range of content being created.

The shows also won’t just be centred around music, with Tago saying: “As well as music, we’ll have comedy, lifestyle and sports programming that are perhaps not such a natural fit for other streaming services. We know our audience is interested in a diverse selection of audio content … and the response to the shows we’ve already launched has given us great guidance on where to go creatively.”

Deezer are planning to create a broad horizon for their new content with plans for talk shows, documentaries, commentated playlists and more “disruptive concepts” to bring a whole new audience and appeal to their music streaming service. In their home country of France Deezer have already begun producing some original content with a documentary on the French rock band Téléphone called “On the road with Les Insus” which launches in January.

Spotify have also gone for a different approach with exclusive releases by creating their own video content and live sessions and interviews with artists. It’s an interesting move for the company and may pay off better than exclusive music releases which have garnered criticism from many in the industry, including Universal Music Group CEO Lucian Grainge who recently banned streaming exclusives for artists under Universal.

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