Image Credit: Deezer

Ever get a song stuck in your head but you can’t think what it was? Deezer’s brand new feature will help you find those songs so you’re never left clueless.

We’ve all been there. You have a hook spinning round and round in your head but god only knows what the song you’re thinking about is called or who it’s by. Well thankfully, Deezer have been there too and so they’ve released a solution.

Their new ‘search by lyrics’ feature allows you to do just that. Simply type in the words that you know from the song and Deezer will pull up results that match what you’re thinking of.

Deezer’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, Matthieu Gorvan says: ”
Music fans have millions of songs at their fingertips. Recalling some of the lyrics is often easier than remembering the actual name of a track. Our job is to make sure that listeners get to the tunes they want quickly and easily and our new advanced ‘search by lyrics’ feature delivers on that promise.”

Of course, Google has always been there to help us when we’re stuck in this position of mulling over the first line in a verse or a catchy chorus. What’s great about Deezer’s new feature is that you can listen to it straight away and save it into your music library then and there.

Deezer’s search by lyrics feature is available for all songs that include sing-along-lyrics in their library. It’s currently available for listeners on the web and will be arriving on the desktop app as well in the next few weeks.