Top 10 most followed non-editorial playlists on Deezer in 2021

Playlist placement is big business in the music streaming industry, but the major playlists from the services themselves aren’t the only ones with millions of daily listeners.

Much like Spotify, Deezer’s most followed playlists are totally dominated by their own editorial playlists, with only two non-editorial playlists in the top 50 on Deezer. Here are the 10 most followed playlists from third-parties.

Click here for Deezer’s top 10 playlists on the streaming service.

See Spotify’s most follwed non-editorial playlists here. Or click here for Apple Music’s top 10 followed playlists from major labels and indie curators.

Find some of the biggest third-party playlist curators to send your music to in 2021 here.

1. Orange Select

from Orange musique

5.1 million fans

2. Playlist Tigo Music Colombia

from Tigo Music Colombia

1.4 million fans

3. Top Sertanejo 2021 (Melhores Sertanejos)

from Som Livre

320k fans

4. Funk 2021 Lançamentos | Melhores Funks 2021

from Filtr Brasil

310k fans

5. 2018 Hits

from Filtr

289k fans

6. HITS 2021 | Tubes du moment | Best of 2020

from Digster France

254k fans

7. Reggaeton y Perreo

from Digster Music

238k fans

8. Sertanejo Romântico

from Som Livre

140k fans

9. Hits Of The 80s

from Filtr

138k fans

10. Sertanejo 2021 – Mais Tocadas

from Filtr Brasil

133k fans

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