Image Credit: Joyful

Some people pride themselves on having the perfect playlist to get done with. For those who don’t, Deezer has you covered with ‘Between the Sheets’.

Music sets a mood and the wrong track can really kill a moment. If you’re getting intimate with someone you sure as hell don’t want shuffle to bring up All Star by Smash Mouth out of nowhere (unless that’s, like… you’re thing).

Deezer’s Between the Sheets is a new hub full of the most sensual, sexy, and ‘scandalous’ music they have on offer. Curated especially so you don’t have to last minute queue up the right tracks when you’re fumbling around in the bedroom.

Looking for some smooth, classic, and super jazzy vibes? Then try out their ‘Sax and the city’ playlist with sax-y classics like Smooth Operator, In the Name of Love, and of course; some Kenny G.

Looking for some more modern, upbeat tracks to make you feel like your one-night stand is actually a highly romantic scene in a film? Try out their ‘Sensuality’ playlist with crooning from Sam Smith, some soul from Billie Eilish, and everyone’s favourite musical love-maker; Prince.

Beyond playlists, Deezer have selected albums from artists which will put you in the mood from start to finish – yes, Frank Ocean is on there. Then there are a series of podcasts discussing love, sex, relationships, and more.

Between the Sheets is now available for Deezer users on both Free and Premium.