Image Credit: Deezer

Deezer have opened up their top editorial music playlists for sponsorship from brands allow brands to reach millions of specific music lovers.

French music streaming service Deezer offers over thousands of playlists of curated music regularly updated for millions of listeners. Four years after Spotify launched sponsored playlists, Deezer are doing the same and allowing brands to pay to promote themselves next to top playlists.

In many ways playlists are replacing radio stations as a spot where music taste-makers collect the latest and greatest tracks they want to share with thousands of regular listeners. So it makes sense that brands, which advertise on the majority of radio stations, move over to the new age of music consumption.

Brands will now be able to choose from over 5,000 of Deezer’s editorial playlists covering everything from Pop to the latest Hip-Hop, rising stars, and many more offerings. Brands won’t be able to sponsor personalised playlists that Deezer presents to users, though Spotify launched sponsorship for their Discover Weekly playlists in 2019.

Deezer’s Vice President of Advertising Sales, Emilie Proyart says: “The ability to sponsor our curated editorial playlists opens up new opportunities for brands to connect to relevant and engaged audiences. Deezer’s playlists are curated by our expert editors and the sponsorship option provides brands with the opportunity to stay close to the music with complementary visual and audio ads.

“We are already working with brands in France, Turkey, and Egypt, and look forward to offering this solution to more companies around the world.”

The offerings are now open to brands from Deezer Brand Solutions and they claim will provide reach to millions of free users. When companies sponsor a playlists an image of their logo will appear across the header of the playlist and a link to their websites will be included, as well as audio adverts included as listeners stream the playlist.

The sponsorships will only appear for free users, as paid subscribers don’t feature advertisements on their platform. Deezer report having 16 million monthly active users but don’t specify how many of these are free and paying. As of July 2020, Deezer are worth $1.4bn for their global music and podcast streaming reach.