Deezer take their music to the air with a new Emirates partnership for in-flight entertainment

Emirates are expanding their offerings for in-flight entertainment with a wide range of new playlists hand-selected by Deezer.

More than 20 playlists are dropping onto Emirates in-flight entertainment modules to soundtrack journeys in the air. Their personally curated playlists come from French music streaming service Deezer and will cover pop, rock, dance, Arabic Chillout, Khaliji Romance, Arabic EDM, and more.

Deezer’s CEO for MENA and Turkey, Tarek Mounir said: “It’s great to work closely with Emirates; one of, if not the best airline in the world, to take our expertly-curated playlists to the skies.. Music has the power to transport us and our curated music selection aims to get listeners to feel the thrill of discovery that comes from visiting new destinations and new experiences.”

Their playlists will be included on Emirates’ ICE entertainment system, which stands for: Information, Communication, Entertainment. The system has a screen in the back of seats that passengers can browse to watch films and TV, play games, track the flight, and of course listen to music.

Last year in October, Deezer launched in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) with a long-term digital distribution deal with the world’s largest Arab record label; Rotana. Deezer is available in 22 countries across the region including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Morocco as well as Turkey.

Emirates’ Vice President of Customer Experience, Patrick Brannelly said: “We welcome playlists by Deezer on ICE. Movies and TV are super popular onboard, but the core of our customers love music. Emirates has supported the industry for many years by working with artists and record labels. Now we are pleased to be building relationships with music streaming services.”

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