The best third-party Deezer playlist curators to send your music to in 2021

As with many other streaming services, getting on one of Deezer’s editorial playlists can see your streams skyrocket, but Deezer aren’t the only curators on the platform who create playlists with thousands of fans.

We all know how important it is to get onto Spotify’s editorial playlists. Much like radio play did some years ago, getting playlisted can break an independent artist into the mainstream. However there are main third-party playlist curators across streaming platforms. Take these Deezer playlist curators for example:


Filtr Brasil currently have over 2.3 million fans across over 100 playlists on Deezer, with even more internationally. Filtr is run by Sony Music Entertainment but accepts playlist submissions from all artists.

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Top Playlists

Primarily focused on latin pop music, Top Playlists boast over 500k fans across 45 playlists on Deezer.

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Strange Fruits

Strange Fruits have over 150k fans across 10 playlists on Deezer. RouteNote helps Strange Fruits distribute their artists’ music across all platforms. Unfortunately, Strange Fruits does not accept playlist submissions and instead only includes tracks from their own label. However you can submit your demo to the Strange Fruits, Lofi Fruits and Ambient Fruits labels to get featured on these sought after playlists.

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Responsible for one of the most popular live YouTube videos you’ve probably seen. You know the lofi hip hop one with the animated girl studying, with a pretty consistant 50k concurrent viewers. ChilledCow also owns three Deezer playlists with 116k fans.

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