Image Credit: Deezer

Find out how to download music from Deezer for offline listening, and save your precious mobile data.

Did you know you can download Deezer songs to listen offline? Paid subscribers can download content to listen to on the commute, while jogging, or anytime you know that internet access will be hard to come by.

Deezer Premium users can download playlists, albums, podcast episodes, and audiobooks. It’s not possible to download individual tracks from Deezer, but what you can do instead is add them to a playlist to listen to a collection of your favourite songs offline.

How to download from Deezer

From the Deezer mobile app, open Favorites and tap Music. From there you can download whichever playlists, albums and favourite tracks you like. For podcasts, go to the Podcast section. The Download slider makes content available for offline listening.

Turn on offline mode on Deezer to listen to the downloaded tracks without connecting to the internet. You can find Offline Mode by tapping the Setting cog and finding the Offline Mode icon. Tap the slider to activate offline listening.

Deezer only downloads music over Wi-Fi, but if you’ve got a lot of data to burn you can tap Settings > Audio and toggle on Download via cellular network to download the content using mobile data. You can also download to the Deezer desktop app by clicking on the Download icon.

Deezer Free users can’t download tracks for offline listeners. Incidentally, you can try out Deezer Premium for a month free. And if you unsubscribe from Deezer Premium at any point, your downloaded tracks will be kept safe until you reactivate your account.

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