How to share and promote your Deezer music on Facebook Stories

Deezer have introduced sharing to Facebook Stories, complete with a 20 second preview and link to the full track.

Whether you’re an artist looking to share your latest track with fans or a music lover sharing your new favourite song with friends, Deezer streamers can now quickly and easily share tracks, artists, albums, playlists or podcasts to Facebook Stories. Before sharing, you can customize the Story with stickers, text, filters and emojis to make it personal to you.

Paying Deezer subscribers can click the logo in the top left corner to immediately stream, favourite or add the full track to their library. Free users can stream a 20 second sample or launch a mix related to the track and artist. Non-Deezer users will be directed to download the app to install and create an account before they can play the track.

Music sharing plays a big role in helping us discover new tunes and connect with our friends. Our integration with Facebook Stories lets Deezer fans share what’s on their minds through their favorite artist or track.

Matthieu Gorvan, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Deezer

How to share from Deezer to Facebook Stories

The new feature is available globally to everyone. All you need to get started sharing are the Deezer (iOS/Android) and Facebook (iOS/Android) apps installed on your mobile.

  1. Find any tracks, artists, albums, playlists or podcasts on Deezer
  2. Tap the share icon
  3. Tap Facebook Stories
  4. You’ll be taken to Facebook where you can customize the Story before tapping Share to Story to share with your friends and followers.

For sharing your music from Spotify to social apps, click here.

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