Deezer’s podcasts are now in 51 more countries

Deezer have launched their podcast packed ‘Shows’ section in 51 new countries across Europe and Latin America.

Deezer are expanding their podcast offerings to countries around the world. Joining other streaming services like Spotify who are seeing the huge popularity in podcasts alongside music, Deezer have added their ‘Shows’ tab to 51 new countries where Deezer is available.

The 51 countries that now have Deezer Shows are all within Europe and Latin America. The new tab offers thousands of podcasts covering talk shows, cooking, history, games, and, of course, music; amongst many others.

Deezer’s Vice President of Content, Frédéric Antelme said: “Our data shows that listeners who have access to the Shows tab discover and listen to more podcasts. They’re also more engaged with the platform overall. Opening up the Shows tab across Europe and South America makes sure that more people than ever have access to a powerful and simple way to enjoy podcasts.

“It’s designed from the ground up to make your experience as seamless and personal as possible. And the more you use it, the better Deezer becomes at offering you new shows you’ll enjoy.”

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