Deezer’s music streaming service launches in the US this week

French music streaming service Deezer arrives in the US in the next week to enter market dominated by competitors like Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Deezer has built up it’s popularity, particularly in Europe with it’s HQ based in France, with a streaming platform similar to Spotify’s offering free and paid tiers. With 16 million monthly active users and 5-6 million paid subscribers the service has built a considerable user base in the 180+ countries where it’s available.

Now Deezer are making a giant leap across the pond to launch in America. As one of the largest, most advanced countries in the world this new market could be massive for the streamer, though entering a market already congested with music streaming services could leave it unnoticed.

Free music is particularly popular in the US where Pandora dominates with it’s free radio streaming platform. With it’s free tier Deezer could gain some traction and chief executive at Deezer, Hans-Holger Albrecht, says their platform stands out thanks to it’s library of 40 million tracks. Not only is their library larger than many rivals but features localised tracks for different parts of the world.

Additionally, as music curation and recommendations become the biggest draws for individual services, Deezer’s ‘Flow’ provides them a unique selling point. Flow offers a personalised stream based on a users tastes and listening history on Deezer.

Deezer has already built a reasonable audience in America by partnering with services like Cricket, Sonos, and Bose to offer their music streaming. Sonos customers in the US got a free years subscription to Deezer’s high fidelity offering, available exclusively to Sonos users. It’s proved so popular that 90% of users said they wouldn’t go back to regular music streaming.

We will have to see how Deezer performs in the US market but with subscribers that already surpass high-profile, Jay Z owned service Tidal it won’t be devastating for them if they don’t break out in the country.


Deezer is now available in the US! However Deezer are not making offering their free tier of music streaming available to US customers. We don’t know whether that is permanent or temporary yet but will update you if we find out.

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