The superstars of the music world are only getting bigger. Who are the top ten most followed artists on Spotify right now, as of February 2023?

Spotify is the world’s most popular streaming service, famed for its super-intuitive music recommendations and great playlists. It’s a fantastic place to discover brand new music – and loyal fans can keep up-to-date with what their favourite superstar artists are releasing next.

Publicly displayed on Spotify in the About section of an artist profile, which artist has the most followers on Spotify? Check out the top ten biggest artists on Spotify, according to how many followers they have currently, in February 2023.

Every artist in the top ten has over 60 million followers. Ed Sheeran starts off 2023 still in the top spot – 2022 saw the British popstar become the first artist to reach 100 million followers on Spotify, with the total still rising. Next is the most-followed female artist, Ariana Grande, chased by the youngest artist on the list, newly-turned 21-year-old Billie Eilish.

Indian singer Arijit Singh rose through the chart in the second half of last year to sixth position, becoming the most popular non-English language artist on the list. And at number 10, BTS are still the most-followed band on Spotify. Bad Bunny rose to number nine on the back of his newest album Un Verano Sin Ti.

Any surprises? Which of your favourites do you think deserve to be up there with the biggest artists on Spotify?

The number one most-followed Spotify artist

1. Ed Sheeran

108.8 million Spotify followers

The number two most-followed Spotify artist

2. Ariana Grande

87.3 million followers

The number four most-followed Spotify artist

3. Billie Eilish

75.7 million followers

The number three most-followed Spotify artist

4. Drake

71.5 million followers

The number five most-followed Spotify artist

5. Justin Bieber

69.5 million followers

Arijit Singh

6. Arijit Singh

68.7 million followers

The number seven most-followed Spotify artist

7. Taylor Swift

67 million followers

The number six most-followed Spotify artist

8. Eminem

65.3 million followers

The number ten most-followed Spotify artist

9. Bad Bunny

63.7 million followers

The number nine most-followed Spotify artist

10. BTS

60.7 million followers

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