The 10 biggest artists on Spotify in 2022

The superstars of the music world are only getting bigger. Who are the top ten most followed artists on Spotify right now?

Spotify is the world’s most popular streaming service, famed for its super-intuitive music recommendations and great playlists. It’s a fantastic place to discover brand new music – and loyal fans can keep up-to-date with what their favourite superstar artists are releasing next.

Publicly displayed on Spotify in the About section of an artist profile, which artist has the most followers on Spotify? Check out the top ten biggest artists on Spotify, according to how many followers they have currently, in February 2022.

Ed Sheeran takes the top spot, followed by the most-followed female artist Ariana Grande. In ninth position, BTS are the most-followed band and non-English act on Spotify. Billie Eilish has gain two spots in the eight months since we last checked. Taylor Swift rises up one spot, following the re-release of her album Red (Taylor’s Verison). There’s also new entries from BTS and Bad Bunny, as they continue to globally dominate.

Any surprises? Which of your favourites do you think deserve to be up there with the biggest artists on Spotify?

The number one most-followed Spotify artist

1. Ed Sheeran

92.1 million Spotify followers

The number two most-followed Spotify artist

2. Ariana Grande

75.6 million followers

The number three most-followed Spotify artist

3. Drake

60.7 million followers

The number four most-followed Spotify artist

4. Billie Eilish

56.7 million followers

The number five most-followed Spotify artist

5. Justin Bieber

56.3 million followers

The number six most-followed Spotify artist

6. Eminem

52.0 million followers

The number seven most-followed Spotify artist

7. Taylor Swift

48.8 million followers

The number eight most-followed Spotify artist

8. Rihanna

47.0 million followers

The number nine most-followed Spotify artist

9. BTS

45.3 million followers

The number ten most-followed Spotify artist

10. Bad Bunny

43.3 million followers

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