Deezer US does have a freemium tier after all… kind of

French music streaming service Deezer launched in the US earlier this week and seemed to be Premium only, but it’s usual free tier is available – just not immediately.

Deezer has become a well recognised music streaming service across the over 180 countries where it’s available, particularly in Europe where it’s based. Unusually it didn’t seem to have interest in launching in the giant US market, that is until this week.

When it did launch though users were confused as to the absence of a free, ad-supported option that acts similarly to Spotify’s freemium streaming model. Instead users were only offered to sign up for a 30-day free trial after which they will be charged the monthly price for the service $9.99.

It has now been revealed by Deezer’s PR team that there is a free tier, it’s just not immediately available like it is elsewhere. According to new reports after you’ve signed up to Deezer’s 30-day free trial of Premium you can cancel the auto-payments, and then you can stream music for free using Deezer with adverts and limited features.

It’s an unusual way to offer a free platform but it is actually quite smart, by forcing people to have a go with their Premium tier (and for free) they can decide definitively whether they prefer it to freemium. Whereas given the free option to start with many wouldn’t bother thinking about Premium because, well it costs money. As some argue that freemium music streaming doesn’t provide fair payments to artists any promotion of paid subscriptions is welcome.

We will have to see whether this works for Deezer and how much of an impact they can have in the crowded US market, up against major competitors like Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal. Deezer boast the largest music offering of streaming services with 40+ million tracks and with an unlimited free tier like Spotify’s available for free (albeit not immediately) it could see a large appeal.

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