Deezer just made HD music even cheaper dropping their HiFi subscription price

Deezer have cut $5 from their monthly cost for a high definition subscription making HQ music even more available.

Deezer have reduced the price of their HiFi tier by a quarter of their previous monthly cost to listen to their huge library in uncompressed and, where available, HD audio. Deezer HiFi now costs $14.99 / £14.99 / €14.99 a month instead of 19.99 permanently.

You can sign up for a 30-day free trial to Deezer whether you want a plain streaming experience of the best possible quality on Hi-Fi before committing to a monthly subscription.

Music streaming is the first stop for many people around the world now to get their fix of new music and the old music they love. It has seen music revenues around the world grow considerably and consistently in the last decade and as it’s popularity booms globally people are now looking for the best experiences.

Streaming has taken the world by storm as the primary source of music but being an internet based offering limitations have been made to the music. Many may not notice, but streaming services compress audio to make it a smaller file and therefore better to stream.

As people switch to streaming many are now looking for a CD-quality experience or better from their streaming service. They don’t want convenience to hinder experience. HD streaming is becoming more and more popular and some of the most popular brands like Amazon Music Unlimited now offer a HD option. TIDAL have been offering high quality music streaming for years.

Steve Boom, Vice President at Amazon Music, told Music Ally about the demand for high fidelity streaming they’d seen since launching their HD tier, saying: “Our initial anticipation going in was that it would be almost all upgrades: people that are already subscribing to Amazon Music Unlimited.

“What we’ve actually seen is a significantly higher percentage than we anticipated of people who are going straight from not even being an Amazon Music customer, or just using Prime Music, to going straight to the HD tier.”

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