Deezer redesign Flow with personal offerings every day

Get a personal touch with your music every single day as Deezer upgrade Flow with a bunch of playlists based on your tastes.

Streaming music on Deezer is getting personal with enhancements to their Flow feature which gives an endless stream of listeners’ favourite songs and recommended music. Now on Deezer there is a new tab for Flow which offers up a new range of personalised playlists based on users’ listening history and tastes.

The new Flow tab lets you browse the personalised playlists Deezer have made for you, swiping through as they come up one-by-one with a sneak peek of what’s inside. Two types of playlist will be offered in the Flow tab; ‘Inspired by’ – offering a selection of music based on a particular artist/track you like, and ‘Discover’ which will take you on a journey through completely new music that they recommend to you.

Deezer Flow personalised playlists music streaming

Both ‘Inspired by’ and ‘Discover’ playlists will feature 40 tracks in each one but ‘Inspired’ playlists will be updated daily whilst ‘Discover’ will update each week. Users listening for free can shuffle each playlist and add anything to their playlists whilst paid subscribers can skip through and select any track or order to play in the playlist.

Deezer’s new Flow Tab is now available on Deezer on all platforms, via the web and on their Android and iOS apps.

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