Customise your artist page and track streaming performance on Deezer Backstage

Deezer Backstage is their platform built just for artists to take control of their music on the platform and look deep inside how users are listening to them.

If your music is live on Deezer then it’s time to take it to the next level and take control of your profile. If your music isn’t yet on Deezer then you can upload all of your releases for free through RouteNote, as well as sending them to all of the other top streaming services and download stores.

Deezer Backstage gives users the power to curate their artist pages on Deezer so that they can update their biographies, edit and upload artist images, and add social network links so it has that personal touch that allows fans to connect with you.

Beyond that artists can go behind the scenes to watch their music grow as it’s heard and shared. Artists can view their streaming performance with in-depth analytics and use them to analyse who’s listening to them and where, or just to watch as their plays grow on a new release.

Backstage users can use the data you gather on your listeners to help them boost their performance. Whether it’s promoting to a certain area or learning the best locations for tour dates, there’s loads of great resources to boost your music to the people who want it the most.

Head to the website and maximise your place as an artist streaming on Deezer.

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