YouTube Premium & YouTube Music hit 20 million paying users

Alphabet CEO (Google’s parent company) Sundar Pichai announce YouTube’s latest milestones regarding their premium services.

As of Q4 2019, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music have gained a combined total of 20 million subscribers.

Whilst Spotify still lead the party with 113 million paying users, YouTube and Apple Music have made serious gains in the industry in the last five years, with the latter announcing 60 million paying users as of June 2019.

YouTube TV has also made great strides since its US only launch two years ago, with 2 million paying users as of the end of 2019. Fast approaching Hulu’s estimated 2.7 million (November 2019) and Sling TV’s 2.69 million users.

YouTube has the obvious advantage of two billion free users with the app already installed on your phone and regular (if annoying) prompts to sign up to Premium.

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