How to get my music on JioSaavn for free

This month two of the biggest streaming services in the world combined to be the biggest digital music force in South Asia and at RouteNote we can send your music there entirely for free.

At RouteNote we pride ourselves on helping independent artists and record labels get their music on all of the top streaming services and download stores around the world. With the recent merger of two of India’s biggest music services, Saavn and JioMusic, we’re very proud to offer free distribution from artists all around the world to India’s new music streaming powerhouse – JioSaavn.

India has one of the biggest populations in the world, with over 1.3 billion potential listeners for your music in their country alone. More than 252 million of these people subscribe to JioSaavn for all of their music streaming needs as the country quickly catches up to the innovations in technology around the world and particularly embraces new music media. That’s a lot of people that could be listening to *YOU*.

At RouteNote it is *FREE* to sign up and upload your music to us and you keep 85% of all the money your music makes on services like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal and many more. We also offer a Premium service where you can pay a small upfront cost and keep 100% of all of your earnings.

So what are you waiting for, sign up to RouteNote today and share your music with the entire world on all of the top digital music stores and services:

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At RouteNote we provide all of the tools independent artists and labels need to distribute, earn money from and analyse their music online.

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    I want to upload my Original songs on jiosaavn
    I am rapper from small town call namsai
    And I write my own original songs
    And i am beat maker too
    And I would be so proud if I could get chance to join India biggest music platform.
    Please give a chance❤️

    I want to upload my customise music for caller tune on jio saavan and other telecom service network

    Hey Tarun,

    Whilst we distribute to JioSaavn, we are currently unable to to send your content to their partner Caller Tune, as RouteNote does not distribute ringtones.

    Apologies for any inconvenience.

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