YouTube Music will be presenting it’s users with their own personalised selection of tracks hoping to tap into the power of Spotify’s renowned Discover Weekly.

Music streaming has changed many things in the transforming music industry. With a literal world of music at our fingertips the possibilities for listening are as ever before. Music tastes are the most diverse and expansive they could ever be and YouTube are channelling that availability and inspiration with their new playlist.

YouTube Music, the music streaming service from the internet video giant, have added ‘Discover Mix’ to each listeners feed. The new feed promises to whip up a selection of 49 tracks every Wednesday that they’ve tailored around the tastes and listening habits of each person.

YouTube seem to be taking inspiration for their newly launched features from Spotify’s lauded and trailblazing playlists. They recently launched a ‘New Release Mix’ playlist for each user which is another weekly updated playlist presenting new music based on the user’s tastes; much like Spotify’s Release Radar.

Spotify may not have created playlists (hello mixtapes made for your crush in the 80s) but they have evolved them into the trend-setting, taste-creating resource they are today.

All streaming services now know how vital playlists are to the modern listener’s music habits and as such, nearly all services have their own selection of curated playlists, personalised offerings, and regularly updated picks.

When they launched Discover Weekly in 2015 it took listeners by storm presenting them an excellently sourced selection of music each week. The playlist used machine-learning, human curation and the tastes of similar listeners to root out what they thought listeners would like and it took music discovery to entirely new heights.

Many services have looked to Discovery Weekly as inspiration for their own personalised playlists. Listeners have come to expect a regular stream of music tailored to their tastes, and when it’s possible why the hell shouldn’t they. Discovering new music is such a wonderful experience and in the age of music discovery enhanced by streaming services everyone wins from a Discover Weekly style playlist.

Will YouTube Music’s offering stand up to the precedent set by it’s predecessors? Well a Reddit user has weighed in on their experience so far, saying: “Inside is a bunch of music that doesn’t show up on my usual mixtape and even has some artists I haven’t even heard of. Very happy with this so far.”