Top 10 most viewed playlists on YouTube Music in 2022

Here are the ten most popular playlists around the world on YouTube Music as of January 2022.

The most viewed playlists on YouTube Music have seen millions, and in some cases billions, of views as of the beginning of 2022.

These are the playlists with the most total playlist views on YouTube Music around the world.

popular Music Videos YouTube Music playlist

2. Popular Music Videos


1.04 billion total playlist views

6. Top 100 Music Videos Global

YouTube Music

425 million total playlist views

New This Week - YouTube Music playlist 2022

7. New This Week


319 million total playlist views

8. Top 100 Songs South Korea

YouTube Music

275 million total playlist views

Top 100 Music Videos Japan - YouTube Music playlist 2022

10. Top 100 Music Videos Japan

YouTube Music

130 million total playlist views

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