How does YouTube Content ID work when you upload songs to a digital music distributor like RouteNote?

Wondering how to make money from your music on YouTube? Make sure your music distributor offers YouTube Content ID service when you upload your tracks.

Unlike other distributors, RouteNote offers YouTube Content ID at no extra cost, so you can generate income from your music.

What is YouTube Content ID?

YouTube Content ID is an automatic system that makes sure artists, labels and copyright holders get the credit for their music on YouTube and ensures you get paid when your music is used in user-generated videos.

How does YouTube Content ID service work?

Every time someone uses your music in their video, even if it’s just a small clip of your song, YouTube Content ID will find it. Once your music has been approved, YouTube Content ID scans the entirety of YouTube looking for any instances of your music being used in videos on the platform.

The system will then monetise the video by running ads alongside it. It’s not a copyright strike, so there’s no effect on the uploader’s channels.

Is YouTube Content ID music distribution free with RouteNote?

Yes! Content ID is something that RouteNote offers for no extra charge – with our free music distribution, putting your music online won’t cost a thing.

YouTube Content ID comes at a cost from most other distributors, often at an extra charge to what they already make artists pay. Others simply don’t offer artists Content ID distribution.

For example: UnitedMasters requires a yearly subscription, Amuse Start doesn’t distribute YouTube content ID at all, and DistroKid charges an extra $10 for YouTube CID.

How do I get YouTube Content ID for my music?

RN YouTube

At RouteNote we make use of YouTube Content ID to generate revenue for your releases through us. It doesn’t cost you a penny extra.

YouTube Content ID is an automated system – just tick the box in the stores section when you submit your music, and we’ll collect money on your behalf. All you need to do is sit back and watch the royalties roll in.

When you distribute your music for free using RouteNote you keep 85% of the revenue generated through plays on YouTube as well as our other partners, which include streaming services like Amazon Music and Spotify and social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Our Premium distribution lets you keep 100% of earnings for a small fee. It’s up to you which tier you choose – and you can switch or leave at any time.

Head here to find out more about how RouteNote can help you monetise your music online for free.