Releasing your song on Spotify? Check out our advice for how to get music on Spotify playlists.

Just put out a release, and wondering how to get your song on Spotify playlists? It’s a great way to break through the noise – getting onto Spotify playlists is a sure-fire way to secure more plays and a host of new followers.

At RouteNote we put your music on Spotify for free and give you the tools you need to get your track on playlists.

Here are some of the best routes you can take to get on Spotify playlists.

Spotify for Artists playlist pitching

When you release a track to Spotify you can pitch the song to Spotify’s editors for it to be considered for their massively popular playlists. To do this, you’ll be pitching from your Spotify for Artists dashboard. You can claim your artist profile here.

Once you’ve uploaded your music to a distributor like RouteNote, set a release date in the future so Spotify have a chance to consider it for their major playlists – you need to pitch at least a week before the release. Only one track can be considered from each release, so choose carefully.

Independent Spotify playlist curators

There’s not only official playlists available on Spotify. Thousands of independent playlist curators – the tastemakers of Spotify – are always on the lookout for the freshest new tracks to add to their playlists. They’re unlikely to find you, so you’ll need to go looking for them instead to get in contact and pitch your tracks. Personalise each message you send, explaining why you think your music is a good fit for the playlist.

A nicely put together Spotify artist profile makes it more likely for playlist curators to take you seriously. Check out more advice on playlist etiquette here.

Can you make your own playlists on Spotify? Yes!

You don’t have to sit around and wait for your music to be added to playlists – why not make your own, and add your tracks. A playlist could be made up of tracks in the same genre as your music, or with a similar emotional theme as your songs. Be sure to add the playlist to your artist profile.

Creating playlists that include songs by artists of a similar level to you is a great way to make connections, and might encourage them to add your music to their playlists, too.

Personalised playlists

Discover Weekly and Release Radar are Spotify’s algorithmic playlists that are unique to each Spotify user. When you release new music through a distributor like RouteNote, Spotify adds your new track to the Release Radar playlist of users who follow you or listen to your music a lot.

Discover Weekly meanwhile goes out every Monday and is made up of songs that the user hasn’t yet heard on Spotify but are similar to songs they’ve streamed before. If your track is often featured alongside similar songs, you’re more likely to show up on someone’s Discover Weekly, as they’re fed by other playlist adds.

Spotify also watches the web for conversations about your music, and notices when you share your artist page. Increase your chances of getting added to Spotify playlists by pushing your music on social media, to gain more followers, plays and better exposure. The more followers you have and the bigger a buzz around your artist name you can create, the more playlist curators will take notice.

Playlists are an invaluable marketing source, helping you to get your music in front of new potential fans helped by Spotify’s intuitive algorithm. With a bit of forethought and promotional work behind the scenes, you can harness the power of playlists and hopefully start seeing the results in Spotify plays and follows.

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