Good news for all RouteNote artists and labels! Any user can upload as many artists or songs as they like, no matter what tier they’re on.

While many other distributors restrict the number of songs or artists a user can upload, all RouteNote users can upload as many songs and artists as they want, all for free on our RouteNote Free tier. This is essential for labels who may need to manage hundreds of artists. Other distributors charge thousands of dollars for such a feature.

Each new artist added to a release as a primary artist, featuring artist or remix artist will be automatically generated an artist profile across stores such as Spotify, or join an existing profile if one exists.

Are you a label finding yourself spendy too much money for basic music distribution? Get uploading your back catalogue to RouteNote without spending a penny. Simply sign up to RouteNote, upload your tracks and artwork, input the metadata, and select the stores.

Each release can be distributed via our Free or Premium model. Free Distribution has zero upfront or recurring costs for an unlimited number of tracks and artist uploads, while you keep 85% of the revenue. Premium Distribution has a small fee and annual cost, while you keep 100% of the revenue. We believe all artists, no matter what stage of their career they’re in, deserve the same powerful tools. Stores and features are the same regardless of the model you choose.

Click here and head to RouteNote to get started.