How to customize your Spotify artist profile

So you’ve got your music on Spotify for the world to listen, people are tuning in and the streams are racking up, but couldn’t they have used a better artist picture??

Fear not! You can easily customize how your Spotify artist looks and what it says about you. In this new streaming age your Spotify artist profile, and your profile on any other streaming services, is important as it might be a lot of people’s first impression of you. Here’s how to make it look exactly how you want it to.

Spotify offer an entire platform for artists which allows you to claim your artist profile and then get deep insights to how your performing, where your fans are around the world, the ability to edit the images and bio of your profile and many more awesome features. The platform is called Spotify for Artists and it’s totally free!

Once you have claimed your profile you will be able to edit the image that represents your artist page and also choose other images to show in the cover and in the artist bio gallery. Speaking of the bio, you’ll be able to write out what truly represents you and so that new listeners can head to your bio to find out what you’re all about.

The power goes beyond just how you represent yourself and allows you to push the music that you’re loving as well. You can select an ‘Artist Pick’ which will pin a song to the top of your profile whether it’s your latest release, an artist you work closely with, or just something you’re jamming to at the moment. Your fans will be presented with it when they come to check your page out.

Spotify for Artists goes way beyond customisation as we mentioned earlier, it also allows you to view your stats and gain insights into your fans. Spotify have also added a feature recently which allows you to submit an unreleased track to Spotify’s editorial team for consideration on their massive playlists.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and take control over your destiny.

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    Hello, once you’ve uploaded your first release head to and you can claim your artist profile. If you have an upcoming release that’s been sent to Spotify but not been released yet you can get in touch with us at to get a link.

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