You want to give your new music the best possible chance of success, so make sure you pick the best day of the week to release music online.

What’s the best day to release music? Friday is day of the week that most of the music industry agrees is the best time to release new music.

Generally, Friday is the best day of the week to release music online, especially for established artists. It’s when most record labels schedule releases, to maximise on a full week of sales, and when you’ll find the most listeners eagerly seeking out new music to stream and add to their playlists.

The world’s biggest artists release music on a Friday. Playlists like New Music Friday are the pinnacle of promotional opportunities for a new release. A lot of other Spotify playlists refresh on a Friday, and listeners will be in the habit of spending the weekend listening to new releases, or streaming the latest tracks on their commute.

Friday is also the day that RouteNote’s in-house playlists get filled with more delicious new tracks from artists releasing music through our distribution service:

Of course, it’s your music, and up to you when you want to release it – you might have an event planned that it makes sense to schedule your release around even though it doesn’t land on a magical Friday. When you release music with RouteNote, we recommend you upload your songs at least two weeks before your chosen release date.

Whatever day of the week you release your new music, make sure you make a plan to promote it properly beforehand. Check out the marketing tools from our partners here.

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