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Try YouTube’s music streaming service before you buy. Here’s how to get a YouTube Music Premium free trial.

YouTube makes it super easy for you to try out YouTube Music Premium, before you commit to a subscription. Most streaming services offer a free trial, hoping you’ll choose them and sign up to a monthly subscription once the free period is up.

YouTube Music Premium is YouTube’s music streaming service, available as an app and on desktop offering ad-free streaming, background play and offline listening. The platform is a paid version of YouTube Music, which is a free streaming service with ads.

How to get a YouTube Music Premium free trial

Go to to see everything YouTube Music Premium has to offer. Once you’ve decided between a standard, Family or Student subscription, all you have to do is hit Try It For Free. Add your payment details, whether that’s credit or debit card or PayPal, but don’t panic – you won’t be charged until the next month rolls around. Click Buy, and you’re away.

If you’re trying YouTube Music Premium as a student, you’ll be redirected to another site to verify your student status.

It makes sense for YouTube to make signing up for a free trial as easy as possible so that as many people as possible try out the service. If you get to the end of the month and you’re not fussed about continuing to stream music on YouTube Music Premium, just make sure you cancel your subscription before the billing date and you won’t be charged.

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