Distrokid vs. RouteNote Comparison

Distrokid seemingly offer a standard yearly plan to get your music to stores and streaming services, but basic features offered by RouteNote are hidden behind extra fees.

For $19.99/year, Distrokid will send your music to stores and streaming services such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Tidal and YouTube.

They offer features such as ‘splits’ to share percentages of revenue, distribution of cover songs, Spotify and Apple Music verified artist pages, YouTube artist channel and Spotify pre-saves. All of these features and more are offered by RouteNote at no extra cost.

Distrokid Accounts
  • $19.99/yr
  • 1 artist/band name
  • Upload unlimited songs
  • Spotify verified checkmark
Musician Plus
  • $35.99/yr
  • All above, plus:
  • 2 artist/band names
  • Customizable label name
  • Customizable release date
  • Customizable preorder date
  • Customizable iTunes pricing
  • $79.99/yr
  • All above, plus:
  • 5-100 artist/band names

Before even visiting the site, Distrokid require a yearly payment be set up, with no free trial available. Because of this, additional feature pricing info is limited.

Hidden Fees

As stated in a previous article, many basic Distrokid features are priced on top of the base subscription.


All of these features and many more are offered by RouteNote for free, with no hidden fees or recurring cost. Artists keep 85% of revenue, or choose Premium Distribution to keep 100% of the revenue.

Asking for $19.99 upfront without clearly laying out the features and limitation is an unfair business model and unsustainable for small artists and labels.

Click here to sign up to RouteNote today for free.

Can I upload cover songs to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, TIDAL, Deezer, etc.

We offer free distribution of your music to all of the world’s top stores and streaming services, and we can send your cover songs of other artists too.

How to upload music to JOOX for free – RouteNote’s new partner

RouteNote have partnered with Tencent-owned music streaming app JOOX, to help independent artists share their music to more Asian markets.