YouTube have redesigned their playback screen so that you can follow along with your favourite songs.

YouTube Music’s new Now Playing screen updates their look and introduces some new features. One of the most notable additions, lyrics for the song that’s playing, brings it more up to date with streaming competitors as they move towards replacing Google Play Music.

Lyrics are only available for some songs as they seem to be “experimenting with the feature” for now. News from Spotify revealed that they’re again looking into scrollable lyrics that appear when you play music after getting rid of the feature in recent years.

The new playback screen is available in YouTube Music’s Android app now and also introduces clearer functional buttons. New buttons include ‘Up Next’ which shows the playback queue, shuffle, repeat and the button to switch between plain music streaming or selecting music video playback (where available).

Google have been planning for YouTube Music to become their sole music streaming service after a transition period. Google Play Music will be phased out and into YouTube Music, though details on how they will convert users are vague currently.

Additionally, YouTube Music currently offers a wholly different experience to Google Play Music as far as streaming services can be compared. YouTube Music have been rapidly gaining new features so far this year, announcing Cloud music storage last week. This has led to the suggestion that Google plan GPM’s phase-out later this year.

The update will come to the YouTube Music app for iOS soon.