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The process of how to put your song on Spotify doesn’t have to be a complicated one. Once you’ve produced your track and got an amazing-sounding song ready for the world to hear, you next need a digital music distributor to help you get your music onto Spotify.

Release your music with RouteNote and it won’t cost you a penny. Our free music distribution gives you unlimited uploads and total control over your tracks. We’ll upload your songs to Spotify and all the other major streaming services whilst you retain all the rights to your tracks – and meanwhile, you’ll keep 85% of all revenue generated by streams and downloads.

Our free distribution is perfect for new artists. Musicians and producers with an established fanbase might want to check out RouteNote Premium, which offers everything that the free tier includes but also lets artists keep 100% of earnings from their tracks, for a small fee.

You can remove your tracks at any time and there’s no restricting contract to sign. As well as putting your song on Spotify, we can upload your tracks for social media monetisation on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.

Benefits of RouteNote distribution include:

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