Creators and artists can earn royalties from YouTube in a number of ways and RouteNote can help you make your earnings.

YouTube is the largest home of creators in the world with over one-billion hours of videos watched every single day from content makers in every corner of the globe. Video creators and music artists alike can reach a huge audience of viewers and listeners through YouTube and they can earn money for every play.

There are many ways that creators can upload their music and videos to YouTube and as such different ways that they can receive royalties from views and streams of their content. At RouteNote we work with artists and video creators around the world to get their content in front of people on YouTube and YouTube Music and ensure they receive earnings whenever they’re played on YouTube.

Artists can upload their releases to YouTube like they would to a traditional streaming service, putting it on YouTube Music as well as the main site. At RouteNote we offer free distribution to YouTube of any artists’ music. Artists will then receive their earnings monthly, 45 days after the end of each month. For example; YouTube will send us the earnings from January in time for March 15th when they will be added to artists’ RouteNote accounts.

Artists can upload their music to YouTube Content ID with RouteNote to earn money any time their music is used in other creator’s videos. Payments from Content ID streams will also be added to users’ accounts 45 days after the end of each month.

For more information on earning royalties on YouTube click here.