YouTube Music has added 3 new playlists that presents you with a different mix of music based on your personal tastes.

Personalised playlists are the cream of many music streaming services. When Spotify launched Discover Weekly back in 2015, it was lauded for it’s regular offerings of music that people hadn’t heard and it was brilliantly attuned to their tastes.

YouTube have launched 3 new playlists based on the same concept of presenting a gourmet selection of tracks based on you and your music tastes. Each playlist works slightly different to either present you with deep cuts you’ll love, new music that’s up your street and introduce you to artists and tracks you’ve never heard.

The first playlist, Discover Mix, launched in September as a Discover Weekly type selection of 49 tracks presented to users every Wednesday. The playlist uses listening history, algorithms and other users’ tastes to compile the selection of music they think is new to you and that you’ll like.

Brand new playlist, New Release Mix, presents a “one-stop shop” for all the latest releases from songs by artists you listen to and like. Every Friday, the day when most releases drop, this playlist will present each listener with their own selection of what’s new in music based on them.

Finally, Your Mix is a playlist of everything based around you. From artists and songs you know and love, to new recommendations mixed in, the playlist is updated regularly so that there’s always something fresh to come back to.

YouTube says: “The more you listen to and like songs, the better your mixes will be. New to YouTube Music? Don’t worry, we can start delivering a personalised experience after you’ve selected a couple of artists you like during setup, or even after listening to just a few songs!”

YouTube promise that they have much more coming for a personalised YouTube Music experience in the future.

Discover Mix, New Release Mix, and Your Mix are now available globally for all YouTube Music listeners. To check out your personalised mixes, download the YouTube Music app for iOS or Android or visit the webplayer to dive in.