A guide to choosing the best music distribution option for you. Free music distribution or Premium?

At RouteNote, we have two music distribution options that aim to suit small artists, large artists and everything in between. Artists and labels are free to choose whichever one works best for them.

Once you’ve picked the model for you, you aren’t locked into that decision! Changing between tiers as your music grows is as easy as flicking a switch.

RouteNote Free music distribution

Our free options has zero upfront of annual costs. The artist keeps 85% of all revenue generated from the release. RouteNote’s free distribution is great for smaller artists building an audience.

RouteNote Premium music distribution

For a small fee and recurring cost, artists or labels can keep 100% of the revenue generated. This option is great for established artists with thousands of streams and sales. RouteNote Premium is priced below:

  • Singles (1 track): $10
  • EPs (2-6 tracks): $20
  • Albums (7-18 tracks): $30
  • Extended Album (19+ tracks): $45

After your first year, RouteNote Premium is just $9.99 annually per release to renew!

Outside of percentage revenue cuts, everything else between the two models is exactly the same.

  • Lossless audio uploads.
  • Free ISRC and UPCs generated with each release.
  • The same stores and streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, TIDAL and many more.
  • The same monetization tools on social media platforms such as YouTube Content ID, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud and TikTok.
  • The same marketing tools from PUSH.fm such as Smart Links, Pre-saves and Content Unlocks.
  • The same fast moderation and support times.
  • The same detailed statistics, showing you exactly how many streams, downloads and revenue you earned on each release, from each platform.
  • You are never locked in with RouteNote. You retain 100% of the rights to your music and are free to leave when ever you want.

Whichever you choose, click here to get started.