YouTube Music could be replacing Google Play on Android devices

Google’s latest update makes it look likely that YouTube Music could take Google Play’s longstanding position as the default music player on Android devices.

Google have released their first update of 2019 for their new music service built from YouTube‘s video platform which integrates all of the video site’s music content into one. The app’s under-the-hood update has been analysed by techies and they’ve found some suggestions that YouTube Music may become the default music player for Android devices sometime in the future.

For years now Google Play Music has come as the default music player on Android devices, often offering a free trial subscription to their unlimited streaming service as well. New icons discovered in the YouTube Music 2.65 update suggest that looking forward, Google may replace GPM with YouTube Music as the default app to come on Android devices.

Since launching YouTube Music last year Google have been working to bring the app in-line with their dedicated music streaming service; the latest update introduced side-loading tracks to playlists and deleting them outright. There has been speculation that Google won’t want to run two separate but similar music services side-by-side and that eventually YouTube Music may fully replace Google Play Music.

Recently YouTube’s web player has been redesigned to represent a music player more than a video site and has brought more focus to lyrics than the video, suggesting it’s transformation to be a music service more than an extension of YouTube is underway. They are still yet to introduce certain features that have defined Google Play Music, for example streaming radio stations hasn’t been implemented into YouTube Music yet.

Despite it looking highly likely that eventually GPM will be replaced Google have made no official announcements on the matter. At the very least their latest update makes it look possible that it could be replaced as a default player on Android’s which would mark a large shift away from the dedicated streaming service, but this is all currently speculation.

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