Trip Advisor now plays location themed music in it’s app from Google Play Music

In a bizarrely brilliant partnership Trip Advisor have integrated Google Play Music into their Android app so you can listen to playlists on locations you’re looking at.

Explore the world through music. From today on the Trip Advisor Android app you can access music stations, powered by Google’s streaming service Play Music, related to and from the place you’re looking at.

The stations are there to get you in the mood for wherever you’re interested in going, but that’s not where the fun ends. As part of the promotion when you tap a station from the Trip Advisor app you’ll be offered 2 months of Google Play Music for free, if you’ve never used it before.

When you search for a location you will be presented a Google Play Music box towards the bottom of the page that shows you a selection of appropriate playlists. This works for cities and entire countries however not for specific establishments – that would no doubt be a way too massive endeavour, even for Google.

Situation-based radio stations have been one of Google Play Music’s niches in the music streaming market. Powered by the now Google-owned Songza technology their playlists are based on everything from activities like ‘Driving’, ‘Family Time’, ‘Cooking’ to mood based playlists like ‘Dreamy’, ‘Festive’, ‘Happy’ and so on.

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