Pandora have been building up to the launch of their new paid streaming service for months and now we finally have a launch date for their new service.

Pandora have established themselves as one of the most popular online streamers for music since launching with user numbers that rival even Spotify. However with their free radio platform their impressive numbers haven’t translated beyond much more than popularity for them.

That’s why earlier this year Pandora revealed that they will be launching a paid, on-demand subscription service. The service will offer the same as most streaming services at the standard price of $9.99 a month, including unlimited music streaming, offline play, playlists etc.

Pandora have revealed that they will launch the new streaming service on December 6th at an event in New York. Announced by Pandora CEO the reveal will see Pandora Plus however another tier of their upcoming subscription service, Pandora Premium, reportedly won’t be seen until early 2017.

Westergren said during an earnings call: “It will have all the features of Plus, so the rewinding, skipping, offline etc. But it will now include the ability to search and play, the ability to build and share playlists, taking everything offline and many, many more Pandora features that we can’t reveal now for competitive purposes.”

In the build up to their new services Pandora have been solidifying their existing products with a flashy new look, and an upgrade to their artist promotion platform. Pandora have also been solidifying their platform with smaller new features, like built-in music sharing through Apple iMessage.