Pandora have launched a new place for people to talk, discuss and share their thoughts on music and beyond for listeners and artists.

The Pandora Community has been in the works for a while, according to the streaming service itself. Their new home for conversations, sharing music, and getting advice is now live for everyone online.

On the Pandora Community you can share your latest playlists to enlighten the masses to your collections. Share your knowledge of using Pandora with other users and inspire other listeners. Learn about new features and devices as they come out or tell people about ones you’ve found. If there’s nothing specific you had to add, then get on the community and just have a chat.

Pandora have also built it as a place to get support, from their own team as well as the advice that other Pandora users are able to offer. Since launching last week the forum has amassed over 700 posts already, mostly creating discussions around music new and old.

Pandora said: “All we need is you: your experiences, your questions, your answers, your playlists, and your suggestions. We want to get to know you better as the unique listener that you are, and introduce you to millions of our other friends.”

Go check out the Community for yourself and if you want to take part yourself, it’s simple:

  • Log in (or sign up) at
  • Open your profile and select Community
  • Follow the prompts to enter a Community username
  • Start posting!