Pandora want to redefine what the playlist can do in the digital music age with their narrative-driven music Stories.

Music streaming started to sound a little different in some places earlier this year with the launch of Pandora Stories. Their new feature livened up playlists with added commentary bridging the gap somewhere between a podcast and a playlist.

With Pandora Stories creators can add voice tracks to playlists of music making room for a narrative or a story behind the tracks, and much more. It’s an innovative new way of spicing up the music selections that have become so prolific and popular with the boom in music streaming. Pandora have some updates to the new feature that they launched back in February.

First up they have refreshed their materials on the Pandora Stories AMP Playbook page to make it better and easier to create playlists and mix tapes. Pandora have collaborated with SiriusXM to create a range of unique Pandora Stories from some of the major artists who’ve come through their NYC Studios.

Sirius XM’s co-efforted Pandora Stories will include playlists from Adele, Lady Gaga, Queen, Fallout Boy, Mariah Carey, J Cole, Stevie Nicks, Mumford and Sons, Blake Shelton, and more. The stars discuss the tracks and artists that have shaped their careers and talk about their own songs between their selections. More guests are pinned for the future.

Pandora have added the option to turn the narration off of Pandora Stories, if you’ve had enough of their voice and just want to enjoy the music. On web and Android you can now select whether or not you want to hear the voice tracks in a Story.

Pandora have promised to enhance and improve upon their Stories experiences even more in the next few months.