Have you ever wanted to tell Pandora what to do? Well now you can with their new Smart Assistant bringing voice control to your music streaming experience.

Pandora have just launched Voice Mode, a new smart and personalised voice assistant for all mobile listeners. Now, with just a simple voice command, Pandora users can find and listen to whatever track, album, artist, playlist, or podcast you are after.

It’s as simple as opening up the app and tapping the microphone icon in the search bar. Say “Hey Pandora” to activate the assistant and then tell it what you want to play, or give it directions so it can pick something out for you based on your mood or moment.

Here are some things you can tell Pandora to do:

  • Play album, artist, song, genre, etc
  • Play some music for my workout
  • Give this song a thumbs up
  • Play a True Crime podcast
  • Add this song to my 90s Jams playlist
  • Play something different

Voice Mode is available on the iOS and Android versions of the Pandora music streaming app now.