Maximise your music’s impact on Pandora with AMP and empower your presence through their artist platform with customisation and promotion.

In the ever-evolving landscape of music streaming, independent artists and labels face a constant challenge: reaching a wider audience and maximising their music’s impact. Pandora AMP, a powerful tool within the Pandora platform, offers a unique opportunity for independent voices to be heard loud and clear.

This comprehensive guide delves into the features and benefits of Pandora AMP, empowering you to leverage its potential and connect with listeners on a deeper level. This guide gives you all you need to know as an artist on Pandora’s music streaming service, serving over 6 million listeners.

Use the table of contents below to jump straight to the bit you’re looking for, or simply scroll down to find out all about how Pandora for artists’ AMP is going to expand your journey as an artist.

Upload your music to Pandora for free

To get started using Pandora AMP you’ll need to first upload your music to Pandora. It’s simple and free to upload unlimited releases to Pandora with RouteNote.

Create a free account and you can upload any number of releases – including singles, EPs, albums, and extended albums – to Pandora and other streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

You can reach listeners globally on all of our platforms, from the biggest music streaming services, to download stores, to video platforms like TikTok. You earn revenue from your releases on every partner, with regular reports keeping you up to date with exactly how you’re performing.

It costs nothing to create an account and upload music through RouteNote. You keep 85% of the money your music makes on any of the platforms you’ve chosen for distribution. You can also select Premium to pay a small upfront cost, keeping 100% of your revenues everywhere. We’ve been empowering independent artists with these services since 2008.

When your first release has been approved and sent to Pandora, you can claim your Pandora AMP profile. Here’s how to gain access to Pandora AMP:

  1. Head to Pandora AMP’s claim artist page
  2. Enter your details
  3. Verify your identity with your Twitter account or by filling out the form on their site
  4. Agree to their Terms of Use
  5. Press Submit!

Once you’re approved, you will gain access to your AMP profile – empowering you to explore everything we’re about to discuss!

Dive inside your data on Pandora AMP

Once you’re in, you’ll immediately be presented with your Insights tab. This is a comprehensive display of all of your most important data. As you scroll down you can explore a number of different sections revealing your Pandora performance and data, from an overview of your entire performance statistics to the results of specific collaborations.

You’ll see overall stream datatop collaborationsprogramming placementsartist metric graphsyour audience map, and your top 5 artist tracks across Pandora.

Use these insights not just to celebrate your performance but also to get to know your audience. For example, use the audience map to find out where your music is having the most impact, informing potential destinations for your upcoming gigs and where to focus your marketing. Let’s see what the other features mean and how you can use them.

Keep up to date with your success on Pandora

It can be hard to keep track of all of your music across platforms and see which tracks are doing well or gaining traction. Pandora have you covered with their artist subscriptions.

From your AMP profile, scroll down to the Followed and Subscribed section to see your subscriptions. Here, there are three notable signifiers which Pandora can keep you in tune with via notifications and emails.

At the Moment and Week in Review both offer regular updates about your music. They present a snapshot of your editorial placements across Pandora as well as streaming performance for your music.

Milestones will bring you updates whenever your music achieves something notable. For example, when you enter the Million Streams Club, Pandora will let you know.

You can opt-in or out of each subscription individually to receive updates from Pandora on your music performance.

Explore your collaborations and their results

Here you can view all of the music which you’ve joined forces with other artists for. It shows an easily browsed display full of the artists that you’ve worked with. Clicking on one of your collaborators will take you to the Insights page for that profile.

You also receive a simple display of the number of Lifetime Streams and Lifetime Artist Station Adds on your collaborations.

See who’s noticing you on Programming Placements

Get to know the influence your music is having with the influencers. Here you’ll be able to view all of the editorial programs that include any of your tracks within them – that’s playlists and stations to you and I. Pandora AMP’s redesign presents the programs in which you’ve been included in a gallery view.

From here, you can easily gather links to share the programs and show off your greatest placements.

Analyze your music performance with Artist Metrics

This is where you can get a simple, visual idea of how your music has performed over time. Explore multiple graphs and views which display your overall performance on Pandora. A straightforward line or bar graph will allow you to easily see dips and growth in your performance over time.

Adjust the time range to see data across 7 days, 28 days, 90 days, 365 days, a quarter, or a custom time range. You can use filters to select whether the data shows streams, thumbs, listeners, station adds, or combines all of the data. Pandora have added the option to download a CSV report of your data for the first time.

Your very best on Pandora is in Top Tracks

View your top 5 tracks of all time across Pandora from your Insights page. This gallery provides you with an immediate snapshot of your greatest hits, showing your artwork and the total number of streams.

Click on one of your tracks to go the track reporting page to see the insights for that song alone. There you’ll be able to take a much deeper dive inside your track’s performance across Pandora.

Find the people who matter most with Audience Map

This fascinating graph shows you where people are listening, allowing you to find the hot spots where your music is having the biggest impact across the U.S.. Zoom into the map to find an in-depth analysis of where you’re popular and where your fans are at.

As the map is a perfect way to plan out your tours, Pandora also displays your upcoming shows on the map. You can create audio messages to offer fans tickets to shows in specific regions from here, boosting your sales with a personal touch.

You now have the ability to download the map data as a CSV.

How to customise your artist profile and songs on Pandora

Making your profile shine can increase your performance, drawing in new listeners and helping existing fans to recognise you.

Add your artist profile photo

You can easily change your artist profile photo on Pandora AMP. Choose something that represents you as an artist. Ideally you can choose or create an image that is unique and therefore easily distinguished against other artists. You want to be remembered and recognisable!

Here’s how to upload a new artist profile photo:

  1. Log into your account on the AMP website
  2. Under your artist name, click on the Artist Profile tab to the right of Campaigns
  3. Click the Change Image link to upload a new photo and scale the image
  4. Click Save to submit the image for review

Pandora will take up to 24 hours to ensure the image meets their guidelines before adding it to your profile.

Complete your visuals with a cover photo

Pandora now allow you to add a second, larger image that sits at the top of your profile. Use this image to make your profile fully visually striking to old fans and new listeners alike.

Add your artist cover photo:

  1. Log into your account on the AMP website
  2. Under your artist name, click on the Artist Profile tab to the right of Campaigns
  3. Click the pencil icon under the blue banner by your Artist Profile Photo
  4. Upload your photo and press Submit

Your Cover Photos must be either JPG or PNG format, no larger than 10MB. They must be at least 1920 x1080 in resolution. Photos will be approved within 1-2 days. See their full requirements here.

Tell your story with an Artist Bio on Pandora

Your bio is where you can tell listeners who you are and what you’re all about when they come to your artist profile. It’s your chance to tell your story and do it in the style of who you are as an artist.

Pandora have now added a section in AMP where you can add your very own custom bio to your artist profile.

Here’s how to add your profile bio:

  1. Open Pandora AMP
  2. Head to the Artist Profile tab
  3. Scroll to the About section
  4. Click the Edit button and write your bio
  5. Click Submit to add it to your profile

Your artist biography can be a maximum of 2000 characters long.

Highlight something special with Spotlight Picks

Pandora added Spotlight Picks to artist profiles, allowing artists to highlight up to 10 items. These items can be anything from your latest music to radio stations and even podcasts. These selections will then show up to listeners on your artist profile, giving them a chance to easily click and listen.

You can even select a time frame for you Spotlight Picks, ensuring they get added on a specific date or are taken down from your profile when you want.

Here’s how to add your Spotlight Picks to your artist profile:

  1. Open Pandora Amp
  2. Head to the Artist Profile tab
  3. Scroll to Spotlight Picks
  4. Press Edit to add and customise your selections – you can choose up to 10
  5. Use the time range at the top to choose how long to display your selections for
  6. Press Publish when you’re ready to add them to your profile

Spotlight picks remain for a maximum length of 180 days.

Add lyrics to your songs to get fans singing along

Let your fans dive inside the deeper meaning of your songs, or help them save face by getting the right lyrics when they sing along! Adding lyrics to your songs on Pandora helps engagement and lets fans explore your songs in more depth.

Pandora gathers lyrics from LyricFind. To get your lyrics on Pandora, you can contact LyricFind at

Give credit where its due, add credits to your songs

Sometimes, many people go into making a great track. It’s important to credit the people involved whether they’re producers, featuring artists, or instrumentalists.

When you upload your music to Pandora through RouteNote, you will be able to credit all artists involved from your upload page.

Advance your music career: Pandora’s unique promotional tools and more marketing secrets

Pandora’s Artist Marketing Platform (AMP) goes beyond presenting you the data of your music and offers you unique tools to elevate your position on the service. They offer a number of tools exclusive to Pandora that can help you connect with fans in new ways and reach new listeners with intrigue.

Speak directly to fans on Artist Audio Messages

Reach out to the people who are listening to your music and give them something special! From your AMP profile, you can record your very own audio message that plays when listeners play your station or before/after your songs play on any station – your choice!

This is a chance to create a memorable connection with listeners, giving a personal touch to those who tune in to listen to your music.

Tell your story through music with Playlists and Stories

From your AMP profile you have the power to tell stories through the music you love. You can create and publish your own playlists of music to share with fans on Pandora. However, it gets much cooler than that.

From AMP you can record your own voice tracks to intersperse into the playlist, telling the story behind your track choices or weaving a tale that brings the pieces together. This radio-style feature is called Stories and launched in 2019.

Fill your concerts with Promote Show

Reach more listeners with your upcoming concerts and sell more tickets through Pandora. By adding your concerts to Pandora you can let the people who matter know your gig dates when they come to listen to you. Their partnership with Ticketmaster and Songkick helps to streamline ticket sales.

Under your artist name on your AMP hub, click the Create Campaign blue plus sign. The following prompt allows you to type in the name of the city or venue you’ll be performing at to find your shows which are listed on Ticketmaster or Songkick. When they pop up, you can click on it and complete the campaign to display it to listeners on the platform. Unlock the power of marketing beyond Pandora’s platform

Pandora’s built-in tools are great but boy do we have a treat for you! There are a bunch of fantastic, free marketing tools that you can use to promote your releases beyond Pandora once your music’s live.

Our friends at have the goodies to elevate your music and unbelievably, they offer it for free! Their marketing platform provides a number of tools to promote your releases and build your fanbase – so let’s explore them all.

Smart Links: Gather all your links in one place to make it easy for fans to find more of you. Allow your fans to easily get to your new single on whatever music service they use. Put your website and social media links all in one place. All for free with

Pre-saves: Make sure your fans are ready for your next big release. Pre-saves allow listeners to add upcoming releases to their libraries in advance of release day. Pre-saves currently work with Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Amazon Music – not Pandora, but they are always working to expand their services.

Reward Links: Grow your platforms whilst engaging fans! Reward Links allow you to offer some special, exclusive content in return for an action. This a great way to naturally build follows, likes, and subscriptions whilst also giving your fans a treat.

Competitions: Competitions are a fantastic way to build some traction. Put something special on offer and make a fuss as people come to enter with their chance to win it. Unlike the other features, this one is only available to Premium subscribers but it’s so good it is worth considering an upgrade for!

You get unlimited Smart Links, Pre-saves, and Reward Links with a total 1GB of storage for free with Yes that’s right, for free! So don’t wait to elevate your music career and sign up at

Keep up to date with the latest updates to Pandora’s artist platform

Pandora are regularly updating their Artist Marketing Platform. Make sure you don’t miss out on the latest and greatest features coming to Pandora AMP to empower your music.

Pandora’s AMP Playbook provides the latest updates to the platform. You can also keep track of the RouteNote Blog, updated daily with the latest updates across all the top music platforms, advice for artists, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions about Pandora AMP.

How do I claim an artist on Pandora AMP?

First you need to upload your music to Pandora, you can do this for free with RouteNote. Then you can claim your page from Pandora’s website.

Is Pandora AMP free?

Pandora AMP is entirely free to access for artists. Thanks to free uploads with RouteNote, there is no barrier of cost for artists uploading their music to Pandora and then gaining access to their AMP profile.

Why can’t I access Pandora AMP?

You will need to wait until your music has been added to Pandora before you can claim your artist profile. If you’re having trouble accessing your AMP profile you can get in touch with Pandora’s support team at

Can you make an artist profile on Pandora AMP without music?

You need to have uploaded music to Pandora to gain access to the AMP platform and control your artist profile.

Do I need a Pandora account to gain access to Pandora AMP?

You will need to log in to or create an account to gain access to Pandora AMP.

What does Pandora AMP stand for?

AMP stands for Artist Marketing Platform.

Is there an app for Pandora AMP?

You can access AMPcast from the Pandora app if you log into the account you claimed your AMP profile with.

What is Next Big Sound?

Next Big Sound was originally Pandora’s platform for artist data and marketing tools. Pandora shut down Next Big Sound in 2021, after phasing its features and toolset over to Pandora AMP. So, don’t fear! You’re not missing out on anything as it’s all available to you with even more on AMP.