SiriusXM/Pandora have partnered with Chartmetric so that listens on their platform around the world will count towards song positions on charts.

Chartmetric will create a series of Pandora-centric charts which will show what is being listened to most on the streaming service. Their charts will include top unique listener counts and top lifetime streams alongside three Pandora charts: Pandora Trendsetters, Pandora Top Spins, and Pandora Predictions.

Pandora’s data will be used for charts which will be available to view for both Free and Premium users of Chartmetric. They will take streaming performance from the last 28 days to inform positions.

Dan Wissinger from Pandora says: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Chartmetric to make our data available through their tools, which we know are well-regarded by artists and their teams. When armed with the right data, artists can build an audience on Pandora that moves the needle and continues to tune in long after release week.”

This is the first time Pandora have made their data available to a third-party analytics platform for public sharing.