Thumbprint Radio is the personalized station, with your favourite songs and new ones Pandora thinks you’ll love, based off your thumbed-up songs.

Launched five years ago and quickly becoming Pandora’s most popular radio station, the station has held the top spot on Pandora since. Driven by over 1 billion thumbs, the station has featured over 4.5 million unique songs from over 300,000 unique artists.

Pandora Thumbprint Radio is available to all users with at least three stations with four thumbs on each. Keeping thumbing more songs to improve the recommendations.

Pandora has also provided the all-time top 10 most popular artists to feature on Thumbprint Radio. These represent some of the most popular artists on the streaming platform over the past five years.

Get your own music on Pandora to be in with a chance of featuring on your next biggest fan’s Thumbprint Radio.